Saturday, June 8, 2019


An area of of nearly a football field dedicated entirely for the sole purpose of providing recreation to people who are looking to vent in their exhaustion with their families and friends is exactly what malls are all about.

Upon the dawn of modernization, development has taken place throughout the Indian subcontinent. A major percentage of this development has been focused on providing recreational facilities to the public, and when talking about recreation for the whole family, malls come first to the mind.

With a contemporary design and cutting edge architecture, the malls of India have pioneered in the art of creating an atmosphere of fun and relaxation for the family. Relax in the aura of recreation by applying for the Indian e-Tourist visa at today!

With a diversity of malls providing unique attractions that catches the eye, here is a list of top four malls that call upon the people from all over the subcontinent:


Ever wondered what it would be like to float around in gondolas on small rivers around Venice? Well don’t ponder anymore since the ‘Grand Venice Mall’ in Uttar Pradesh offers you the exact opportunity! With it’s famed ‘Gondola Ride’, one can experience romance the ‘Venetian’ way.

Levitate in the air by floating around in their ‘Zip Line’ adventure or touch the sky by leaping in their ‘Trampoline Park’ and experience the 7th dimension in their state of the art 7D theatre or shop from the various international brands, the Grand Venice Mall provides for all.

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Being among the most popular malls in the NCR, the Ambience Mall in Gurugram offers the perfect amalgamation for shopping junkies who besides from indulging in shopping from the various international brands also want to relish the gratification of various activities that are offered there.

Be it bowling in one of the biggest bowling alleys in town ‘SMAASH’ or the exhilaration of ice skating in India’s first natural ice skating rink ‘I Skate’, Ambience Mall has everything for everyone.

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Being India’s largest mall, the Lulu International Shopping Mall in Kochi can be elucidated to be a heaven on earth for all the shopping junkies as they get to choose from not only the domestic brands but a plethora of brands from around the globe as well.

With nine screenings of PVR, arcade games, rides, a party hall and a bowling alley along with the 5D cinema, the Lulu International Shopping Mall in Kochi stands as a testament defining the standards of malls in the Indian subcontinent.

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With an area of 2.4 million square feet, the ‘Pink City’ of India is adorned by the establishment of the second largest mall of India, that is, the World Trade Park.

With its contemporary design that made it win the ‘Mall of the Year’ in 2012, the mall is embellished with state of the art food court and a wide variety of international brands and a plethora of fun activities as well.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Indian E Medical Visa

‘Health is wealth’ says an age old saying highlighting the importance of healthy lifestyle. Since
time immemorial Human beings have been in search of methods to get rid of body ailments and
to increase their life expectancy. In the ancient times this task was in the hands of hermits and
saints who even transgressed to foreign lands in order to learn more and more about new
medicines and medical practises. The head of states used to summon medical practitioners
from far away lands in order to devise ways to fight diseases or infections. This practise has
been carried forward to contemporary times when there is a spate in the number of medical
tourists year by year. Patients from underdeveloped nations visit more developed nations to
gain access to the newest technologies in the medical field while patients from the developed
countries often turn towards countries like India for the treatment of ailments through age old
Ayurvedic and Yogic methods.

India has been one of the premier locations for medical tourism for many reasons. Medical
tourists from erstwhile USSR nations, Africa,Middle east etc. come to India to get treated in
state of the art hospitals which have all sorts of modern advanced medical technology at their
disposal which they provide at very cost effective charges. On the other hand medical tourists
from the western nations often come to India after receiving disappointment from western
system of medication and try to reinvigorate by the help of natural healing processes. The X
factor of Indian Medical tourism is its capacity to pander to both First world countries as well as
third world countries.

The International tourists who wish to avail these facilities need to apply for tourist visa for India.
The Indian government has started the E visa facilities for tourists where one can apply for E
medical visa for India. The visa dispatch i done in a time bound manner and is hassle free. The
visa is valid for a duration of one year or the time of treatment whichever is less. 3 entries per
year is allowed for the visa. The attendants who wish to accompany the patients should be
blood relatives and need to apply for a separate medical attendant visa. A maximum of 2
attendants are allowed per person. E Medical visa for India is issued only for treatment in
registered medical institutions of India.

Medical tourism has become one of the fastest growing sector in India. The medical institutions
leave no stone unturned to provide quality services to its patients. All daily necessities of
patients and their attendants including fooding and accomodation are taken care of by the
service providers. They also have foreign language interpreters who converse with patients in
their mother tongue and don& 39;t let language barrier come in between their resolve of providing
quality medical services. The hospitality of Indians is famous all over the world and this
hospitality ensures that the patients who come here for treatment always leave the country with
a sense of gratitude and admiration for this nation.

Friday, September 1, 2017

eVisa India- A New Way for India Short Travel

During ancient times the geographical boundaries of nations were not demarcated and human beings were free to travel from one place to another without any official restriction. However the world has changed and one needs to have prior approval of the relevant authorities in order to gain access to the areas of another country. The prerequisite for applying for a visa is the possession of a valid passport without which it's nearly impossible to travel all around the world. The same set of conditions are applicable for India too. Apart from having a valid passport a person needs to get authorization from the relevant authorities allowing his/ her stay in that particular country. This authorization is formally termed as e-Visa. With changing times lots of countries have gradually shifted to e visa as it is accessible from the comfort of the homes of the international visitor. India also began services of evisa for India in the year 2014. In the beginning this facility was limited to a few countries only but have been gradually extended to several other countries as well. Citizens of Nepal and Bhutan need not apply for a visa to enter India. For a limited group of countries there are facilities for evisa on arrival too.

Evisa for India facilities which were previously known as electronic travel authorization services has been a landmark project of the Indian government. The e-visa facilities have been further categorized into e tourist visa for India, e business visa for India and e medical visa for India. The validity of the e visas for India is 60 days. Maximum of 2 entries is allowed on e business visas and e tourist visa while 3 entries are allowed per visa approval for the E medical visa for India.The duration of visit cannot be extended and a maximum of two visa approvals are made per calendar year. The international visitors are not allowed to access the restricted and sensitive areas. Tourists of Pakistani origin are not eligible for this e visa for India scheme and they need to apply directly in their particular High Commission for eVisa approval. The international visitors need to apply at least 4 days prior to their arrival to India. They should also have their return tickets as well as enough money to comfortably stay in the Indian Territory in order to get approval for their e-visa for India. International visitors can gain entry to India through the help of these e visa approvals at around 24 airports and 3 seaports and gain exit from any airport of their choice.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Celebrations of 70th Independence Day in India

15th August marks the day when India overthrew the yolk of British colonialism and became independent. “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom” said Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India in his very famous speech titled “Tryst with Destiny”. The Indian independence struggle went down in history as one of the most politically charged, non-violent struggle against Imperialism. The movement was spearheaded by none other than Mahatma Gandhi who is affectionately called Bapu by the Indian diaspora. 2017 is slated to be the 70th Independence Day in India and can be termed as a golden opportunity for international tourists who are interested in taking part in these glorious celebrations.

The Independence Day celebrations is kick started by paying homage to the ‘father of the nation’ Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat by the Prime minister of India. This is followed by hoisting of the Indian flag at the ramparts of Red Fort which was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and symbolises the glorious history of India before the English usurped the throne. The Prime Minister then addresses the nation in the presence of a humongous amount of onlookers. However the cultural programs performed by artists from different nooks and corner of the country is the most eye catching event. India is a country which peacefully accommodates diversified cultural and ethnic groups and Independence Day is one of the occasions where the motto of ‘unity in diversity’ is showcased in a full-fledged manner.

The head of states of different countries are invited every year to witness these celebrations. This day is also celebrated by Indians all around the world and as a result of this the footfall of international visitors on Independence is swelling year by year. International visitors throng the sites of historical significance like the Jallianwala Bagh where numerous Indians who were taking part in a peaceful meeting were brutally massacred by the English forces on the orders of General Dyer. The bullet marks on the walls of the Jallianwala Bagh compound tend to flash the whole series of events which might have unfolded on that unfateful day. The Indian Independence movement is characterized by the co-ordination it had with various international political outfits trying to vest control of their native land from their colonizers. As a result of this it has always been in due consideration by the politically motivated people internationally as one of the preferred destinations for learning more about the history of Independent movements and grabbing an insight into the socio-political conditions which led to the downfall of the mighty British empire.

The international visitors who want to be witnesses of this year’s pompous celebrations need to apply for a tourist visa to gain access to the Indian soil. The Indian government has facilitated the whole process by enabling the visitors to apply for E visa for India and there are also facilities for visitors who could not apply for the E visa and wish to get urgent E visa for India. The whole process is streamlined and tend to be hassle free in nature. As it is the 70th Independence Day this day is set to be a larger than life event and will surely remain etched in the memories of the visitors for years to come.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Alleppey Backwaters: Thoughts from a houseboat

What are you looking for when you go on vacation?

I look to disconnect with my daily life, and connect as much as possible with the new place. I look to plunge into the local culture and try to understand their values and traditions.

The houseboat experience at Alleppey Backwaters in Kerala wasn’t only a relaxing one, but a great way to get a glance into daily life of locals. As our slowly rocking boat carried on, we could see people going on with their lives and common activities.

As we passed near by, some of them lifted their heads up and looked at us, some of them didn’t mind the boat at all. After all, these houseboats are not a novelty for people who live on the banks of the river, so they went on with their daily tasks.

Women doing their laundry on the stairs that dive straight in the river. Men building on a new boat. Some kids swimming and cheering, while others waiting for the boat-bus to take them home from school. All these scenes are nothing else than little windows which let us see how life unfolds at Alleppey Backwaters in Kerala.

These are just few of the sequences we got to see while floating the river on the houseboat. But above all, I could feel the balance between people and their surroundings, I could feel the connection with something that was there way longer than us, the nature.

As our boat man leaded us deeper into the beauty of Kerala, I was torn between the idea of  being in a real place or a fairyland. Green palms as far as the eyes can see were lined up on both banks of the river. The sun shined high in the sky spreading its light and reflecting its sunshine on the calm waters of the river creating a magical atmosphere that made me feel like I found my paradise.

The warm wind touching my skin, acted as a small reminder that it’s all real. There was harmony all around. Nothing was off the scenery, even the boat’s eco design fits perfectly into this fascinating picture.  You could feel how the peaceful atmosphere was slowly, slowly getting into your veins fulfilling your being with a sentiment of gratitude and freedom.

The day came to an end vanishing all our hopes that time can be stopped, but reminded us to contemplate every minute we have. The night’s foreteller was the hiding sun behind the palms and hills. From all sunsets I’ve ever witnessed,  this one was one of the most remarkable ones. Watching the sun going down the sky and reflecting a rainbow of colors over the waters, was a heavenly moment.

I tried to capture it on pictures helplessly knowing that it is impossible to catch such a beauty in a frame, but yet I tried.

One night on a houseboat was not enough to see everything, but was enough to fall for the Kerala Backwaters. And yes, I would go back in a heartbeat, no doubt.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

India to extend e-tourist visa facility to 36 more countries

A day after Indian government released statistics indicating surge in e-tourist visa travel by 137 per cent, it now plans to extend the facility to 36 more countries such as Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Italy, Nigeria, Turkey, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Morocco.

If it gets a go-ahead, total 186 countries will have access to online visa facility to travel to India.

The scheme has been working wonders for the Indian government and draws maximum tourists from the USA.

As per the data by tourism ministry, from January to June 2016, a total of 4,71,909 tourists arrived on e-tourist visa as compared to 1,26,214 during January-June 2015.

Thanks to the e-tourist visa facility, foreigners are thronging India like never before. After the Indian government extended the of e-tourist visa facility to 150 countries from 76 countries, there has been a considerable rise in the number in number of travel on e-tourist visa.

As per the government data, there has been a staggering 137.7 per cent growth in tourists arrival on e-tourist visa in June 2016 over the same period in 2015.

A total of 36,982 tourists arrived in June 2016 on e-Tourist Visa as compared to 15,557 during the month of June 2015.

The facility was launched in 2014.

This year till June 2016, a total of 4,71,909 tourist arrived on e-Tourist Visa as compared to 1,26,214 during January-June 2015, registering a growth of 273.9% .

The top 10 ports in tourist arrivals on e-tourist visa during June, 2016 were New Delhi Airport (42.15%), Mumbai Airport (22.94%), Bengaluru Airport (9.95%), Chennai Airport (9.80%), Hyderabad Airport (3.76%), Kochi Airport (3.52%), Kolkata Airport (2.72%), Ahmadabad Airport (1.16%), Tiruchirapalli Airport (1.15%) and Trivandrum Airport (1.08%).

So, these are the countries from where India is getting travellers 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Swadesh Darshan Scheme

The “1st Meeting of National Committee on Ramayan Circuit and National Committee on Krishna Circuit” under Swadesh Darshan Scheme of Ministry of Tourism held under the chairmanship of the Minister of Tourism & Culture Dr. Mahesh Sharma here today. Secretary, M/o Tourism Shri Vinod Zutshi, experts and senior officers of M/o Tourism were present. Presentations were made on Pan-India Ramayana & Krishna Circuit on the occasion.

Under Ramayana Circuit, 11 destinations spread across 6 states have been proposed. The destinations covered are: Ayodhya, Nandigram, Shringhverpur & Chitrakoot (Uttar Pradesh); Sitamarhi, Buxar & Darbhanga (Bihar); Jagdalpur (Chattisgarh); Bhadrachalam (Telangana); Hampi (Karnataka); and Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu). Expert committee suggested to include Chitrakoot (Madhya Pradesh), Nashik & Nagpur (Maharashtra) and Mahendragiri (Odisha) in the proposed circuit.

Under Krishna circuit, 12 destinations spread across 5 states have been proposed. The destinations covered are: Dwarka (Gujarat); Nathdwara, Jaipur & Sikar (Rajasthan); Kurukshetra (Haryana), Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Barsana, Nandgaon & Govardhan (Uttar Pradesh); Puri (Odisha). The destinations were approved by the expert committee.
Further, projects worth more than Three Hundred Crores Rupees were approved in-principle in Uttar Pradesh under both the circuits.

Indian Visas

The Ministry of Tourism has launched the Swadesh Darshan Scheme in 2014-15 with an aim to develop theme based tourist circuits in the country on the principles of high tourist value, competitiveness and sustainability in an integrated manner by synergizing efforts to focus on needs and concerns of all stakeholders to enrich tourist experience and enhance employment opportunities.

            Under the Swadesh Darshan scheme, thirteen thematic circuits have been identified, for development namely: North-East India Circuit, Buddhist Circuit, Himalayan Circuit, Coastal Circuit, Krishna Circuit, Desert Circuit, Tribal Circuit, Eco Circuit, Wildlife Circuit, Rural Circuit, Spiritual Circuit, Ramayana Circuit and Heritage Circuit.